'I don't  understand, Sarah - is there a problem?'
'There's no easy way to say this, Maeve... but I can't go on looking after the kids.'

Sarah drops her bombshell just as senior executive Maeve Larkin is finalising the merger with US giant Ofiscom. Everyone at work is relying on her to make a huge success of the deal but her husband Fintan would just like her to have more time with the family.

Maybe fate is forcing her to choose between the job she loves and the children she adores. But Maeve suspects she would go crazy at home.

So when Fintan decides to take time off to be a stay at home dad, is it guilt that pushes Maeve to work even longer hours or is it her suspicion that her job is in danger?

Then ex-boyfriend James reappears, driving a wedge between Maeve and Fintan. Now Maeve's finally balanced life is looking decidedly shaky...

All Shook Up-
A novel about the working parents in Celtic Tiger Dublin. A story of love, careers, trust and family. Can Fintan adapt to being a house-husband and can Maeve keep conflict at work or will it inevitably spill home and into her marriage? A novel that asks the question- can you have it all, or is there always a price to be paid?
Catherine Daly
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