Catherine Daly
About All Shook Up
"..could very well be the next Maeve Binchy."
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A French Affair:
Evie Kinsella is looking forward to a holiday in France amongst the impressive vineyards, dramatic chateaux and picturesque villages. Her friend Monique, an English estate agent in the Dordogne, hopes Evie's visit will distract her from her own secret fears.
But the holiday doesn’t go quite as planned – both of their pasts come rushing forward to meet them, putting Monique and those around her in danger, while Evie is faced with some difficult decisions when someone she had decided to forget re-enters her life .
Charlotte's Way
Adopted as children, sisters Charlotte and Emily couldn’t be more different. They both crave security but each looks for it in her own way.
Charlotte marries young, has three children and believes that with Donal she can face anything. Emily goes it alone. To her, security means money and money means hard work. She treats men as playthings and expects married men to play by her rules.
Together with friends Suzy, Tara and Anne Marie, the girls discover that love, longing and friendship are not as straightforward as they all imagined. Just when you  get comfortable,  life has a habit of surprising you.
All Shook Up
'There's no easy way to say this, Maeve... but I can't go on looking after the kids.'
Maeve's childminder drops her bombshell at the crowning moment of the busy executive's career. Everyone at work is relying on her to make a huge success of an important takeover deal but husband Fintan wishes she could spend more time with the family.
All Shook Up-
A novel about working parents in Celtic Tiger Dublin. A story of love, careers, trust and family. Can Fintan adapt to being a house-husband and can Maeve keep conflict at work or will it inevitably spill home and into her marriage? A novel that asks the question- can you have it all, or is there always a price to be paid?

All Shook Up
Daly is a good storyteller and depicts life at home and the world of business equally well. (She)..easily brings the readers through the difficult highs and lows as Maeve weaves her way through a difficult period at work and attempts to keep her marriage intact.(Irish Independent)

What I liked about the book is the believability factor, Daly's characters could be any Joan or Joe Soap. When she writes about Maeve's workplace she really sounds like she knows what she's talking about. Whether well done research or based on personal experience, it is a good trait and one that too many modern authors fall down on. (

Catherine Daly has a gift for capturing ‘real-life’ dialogue…one of the most enjoyable books I have read in ages, I really could not put it down. (Woman’s Way)

…explores with great maturity the crisis facing many young couples trying to juggle kids and a career. (Evening Herald)

An intelligent read for the modern working mum. (Sunday World)

Charlotte's Way
Her characters are believable and her storyline is just gripping enough without being over the top.
Watch out for Daly, she could very well be the next Maeve Binchy. (Bibliofemme)

...a heartwarming family tale about discovery, love, longing and friendship...(In Dublin)

...Fast becoming an author to be reckoned with..
...brilliant attention to detail and a friendship story that everyone will relate to.
...Catherine Daly has definitely delivered a great book once again.  (Woman's Way)

A French Affair
Daly has a good storytelling voice with a talent for shaping a story. Set in the Dordogne region of France, A French Affair has it all (Sunday Independent)

Buy it - you won't be disappointed!    (Bibliofemme)

This book grabbed me straight away. I loved reading this novel and would definitely recommend it...  Beautifully evocative descriptions of the Dordogne...(Woman's Way)