Catherine Daly
Writing can be a really lonely business - stuck there all on your own, facing your screen, with imaginary people for company. Thank goodness for a thriving community of other writers who get together regularly to keep each other sane! Now thanks to the wonder of the web, you too can visit all my writing buddies:
(in alphabetical order....)

Mary Bond  
Colette Caddle
June Considine
Tracy Culleton
Judi Curtin
Denise Deegan
Martina Devlin   
Anne Marie Forrest
Suzanne Higgins   
Melissa Hill
Mary Hosty
Marisa Mackle
Mary Malone
Sinead Moriarty
Jacinta McDevitt
Alison Norrington
Susanne O'Leary
Tina Reilly
Kate Thompson
Sarah Webb